How to Get the Most From Your Managed IT Service Provider

By | June 1, 2017

Today, managed IT services Philadelphia have become an attractive IT solution for many businesses. Some companies are allowing their managed services provider (MSP) to have full operational control of their IT operations while others use an MSP to boost their existing IT staff. In either case, it’s important to fully utilize the arrangement with the MSP in order to maximize the value of the service.

The Benefits of Managed IT Services

  • Reduced turnover: Qualified IT pros are always at a premium, resulting in a lot of turnover. Routine activities pale when a dedicated techie has the opportunity to move on and work in a more “exciting” environment. The previous employer is left short-staffed with projects in limbo.
  • Experience: MSP professionals are routinely confronted with a wide variety of best practices, problems and the latest techniques. This depth of experience allows them to find solutions quickly.
  • Security: Business lose about 6% of their gross revenues to white collar crimes committed by disgruntled employees. An MSP can identify ways to improve and tighten network security, protecting the business from both inside and outside threats.

Getting the Most From Your Managed IT Services

  • The big picture: During preliminary consultations with your MSP, many benefits were discussed. Ensure that those services and value adds are actually implemented. Frequently an MSP functions as a virtual CIO with the ability to take your business to the next level. Talk to the MSP about the big picture so that opportunities aren’t overlooked.
  • Review meetings: Regular monthly or quarterly meetings with your MSP partner are important. Discuss the overall state of your business’s IT operation and issues that arose since the last meeting. The true value of your arrangement with your MSP lies not in just the service that is delivered, but in updates on that service and recommendations for improving the functionality of the network.
  • Strategic advice: Seriously consider the MSP’s strategic recommendations, including those for future IT upgrades and projects. They proactively evaluate the network, workstations, systems etc. and can present a solution for improved productivity and costs.

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